Menopause Weight Gain

4 Ways To Cut Down Menopausal Fat


All women go through menopause when they reach a certain age but that does not mean you simply need to accept that weight gain is inevitable and you should give in to it. You may notice symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, but these are all natural hormonal changes. Despite all this, there are ways to combat weight gain due to menopause.


Intense Exercise

Even though we mention “intense”, this varies for everybody depending on how much pressure can be exerted on one’s body. You could start with a mixture of moderate and more extreme workouts to burn off the weight gain caused by menopause. However, if you have not exercised in a long time, start off with tame, simpler exercise and work your way up throughout the months as you become more accustomed to a tougher exercise routine. Swimming, walking, cycling and running can also be employed in your exercise routines.


Try Some Tai Chi

You could bundle this in with your exercise routine but tai chi is much more of a free and easy exercise. You’ve seen the older generation in their groups going for morning tai chi sessions in public parks or under the void deck. There is a reason why they all look so healthy and active despite their age. A recent Hong Kong research study shows that tai chi could help trim waistlines for adults approaching their prime years. It was found that people 50 or older who engage in tai chi for 12 weeks successfully managed to shrink their bellies.


Eat On Time

Timing as well as the frequency of your meals may play a bigger part in increasing your waistline due to metabolism as well. You’ve heard the old saying where you are not supposed to eat too late at night or your food may not digest well and weight gain is more likely to happen due to it. Well, all of these are very true as your body’s metabolism slows down during late nights. Hence, it is best to eat on time, particularly lunch bein around afternoon and dinner time being around 7pm and at least 2 hours before you sleep.


Choose Fats Wisely

To counter weight gain, you do not need to cut off fats completely from your daily meals. In fact, completely cutting off something which you are so accustomed to might just demotivate you from continuing with those good habits. Instead, you simply need to be more picky with the fats you eat. Introduce more healthy fats that derive from vegetarian sources like olives, nuts or even avocados and stay off excessive unhealthier fats. Cook for yourself if you can instead of eating out too often so you can monitor your fat intake.


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