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About Us

Since 2010, Byherbs Pte Ltd has grown into one of most the reliable and effective brands in the health and wellness industry. Combining modern with traditionally-proven medicinal knowledge, our professional health and nutrition experts formulate a variety of solutions suitable to the needs and convenience of our community today. Furthermore, our products are MUIS halal-certified for the consumption of our Muslim customers.

Our goal is to be a leading wellness brand with a heart – helping the community to live healthier and more meaningful lives. We aim to achieve this by providing premium quality health supplements and holistic wellness for all.

Our Mission

At Byherbs, our LIFE values shape our Byherbs Beliefs:

Learning – We believe in the continuous improvement of people and products in order to grow and serve our customers better.
Integrity – We value the trust built with customers by emphasizing high standards of responsibility in our people, products and processes.
Family – We treat our customers as family by strengthening relationships proactively with good communications and mutual respect.
Empathy – We invest in the time to listen and better understand the needs of our customers before offering solutions.

Join us to live healthier, more meaningful lives.

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