Cold Pressed Coffee

What Is The Definition Of Cold-Pressed?

Have you ever drank a chilled cup of cold-press coffee from Starbucks but never really understood what it actually means? Or maybe you’ve seen the word “cold-pressed” being used when describing certain ingredients in your supplements? I know I definitely asked myself the same thing when cold-pressed coffee started becoming a big thing. So what does this now often used term actually mean?


Simple Definition

Simply put, cold-pressing is a mechanical process in which the oil of a fruit is extracted and separated. As hinted in the name, this is done at the lowest temperature possible, usually not exceeding any higher than 35°C. You might picture a huge machine pressing down on whole coffee beans for example, but the fruits are actually grinded first into a paste before it is put through the machine. It can also be done traditionally by using an oil stone.


Why Should It Be Cold-Pressed?

There is always the usual process of pressing products using high heat. However, the reason why most commercial products are done this way is because more quantity of a product can be extracted, hence more profits. Pressing it at a higher temperature also involves addition of certain substances or chemical intervention. However, it compromises the quality of the fruit and also detracts from the natural benefits and healthiness of whatever is being pressed. Therefore, this is where cold-pressing comes into play.


Ingredients Where Cold-Pressing Is Used

One of the more famous uses of cold-pressing is in something a lot of us use as a staple – olive oil. To be specific, extra virgin olive oil. Those bottles are dark so as to retain the quality produced from cold-pressing, hence if you find an EVOO with a clearer bottle, chances are it is not as high a quality or as fruity a flavor as it should be.

Other things which could be cold pressed are things we drink a lot like fresh juices (fruits and vegetable alike) & cold-pressed coffee as well as less known examples like black seed and nuts.

Take advantage of the cold-pressing revolution that is happening currently and get not only a much tastier product, but also a hugely beneficial & much healthier alternative. 🙂


Black Seed Cold Pressed





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