Have you drank enough water today?

Drinking is very important for our health. The healthy recommended dose to drink every day is 2 liters or about 8 cups of water. If not sufficient, it may result in kidney disorders. According to studies, people who drink less than two glasses per day have the possibility of developing a blood sugar disorder. This condition leads to pre-diabetes which eventually puts them at risk of diabetes. In a new study, adults who drink only half a liter or about two cups a day were more likely to develop pre-diabetic blood sugar disorders than those who drank the daily recommended dosage of 2 liters each day. When the body becomes dehydrated, the levels of vasopressin will increase, and make the kidneys save water. Vasopressin receptors are present in the liver, the organ responsible for producing sugar in the body. However, high levels of vasopressin also increase blood sugar levels. 

The study included 3,615 adults in France aged 30 to 65 years who had normal blood glucose levels. About 19 percent are accustomed to drinking less than half a liter of water every day. The rest, drink a liter or more of water every day. The findings are based on 3,615 French adults aged between 30 and 65 who have normal blood glucose levels at baseline. About 19 percent said they drank less than half a liter (17 ounces) of water each day, while the rest drank up to a liter or more.

Nine years later, 565 diagnosed study participants developed high blood sugar levels. Another 202 developed type 2 diabetes. Those with major blood sugar disorders have a habit of drinking less than half a liter per day. So, with such research, it is clear to all of us, that drinking is very important for health.

Always remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you need that extra boost to help you maintain your blood sugar and control your cholesterol levels, click here. 

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