A Regular 20-Minute Walk Might Help You More Than You Think

Walking is one of the easiest cardio exercises known. It is practical and easy to do as it is free and does not require expensive or specified external equipment. Walking improves cardiovascular fitness and wholesome. However, many underestimate short but regular walks, not knowing that this uncomplicated exercise may benefit them largely.

#1 – Muscles

The most apparent result of walking lies on the physical development. This simple exercise helps tone the muscles especially for the lower body. It ensures important muscle groups remain active. Although it seems as merely a stroll, it boosts muscle endurance alongside its overall strength. Moreover, it gradually helps muscular flexibility and the stamina.


#2 – Weight

Already proven by many, daily walks prevent obesity – one of the biggest health issues amongst citizens in developed countries. Walking burns calories and gets rid of fats. When we walk, the fats and sugars under the layers of our skin are converted to energy. Meals are digested at a faster speed, increasing your metabolism. In addition, it also loosens our stomachs and guts thus bettering our digestion, resulting in improved bowel function.


#3 – Internal organs

It was discovered that walking regularly helps avoid sicknesses such as type II diabetes, asthma, and some cancers like that of the colon, breast, and uterus. To add, it reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke as it is efficient in controlling high blood pressure. A workout as simple as walking can purify the lungs, manage the production of insulin in type II diabetes and importantly, boosts immune system and sexual satisfaction.

#4 – Skin

Walking increases blood flow, helps nourish skin cells and keeps them active. It increases circulation and the supply of oxygen to every cell in our body, allowing smooth blood flow and ultimately flushes cellular debris out of our inner systems. Experts suggest that exercises that benefit blood circulation give the skin a natural healthy glow. This is because it delays ageing process such as obvious wrinkles. Furthermore, walking will help prevent pimples, acne, and other skin problems.

Complementary to benefits for the skin, walking regularly usually improves hair growth and scalp health. It certainly results in dense growth as it boosts circulatory health and allowing nutrients to penetrate the scalp. The exercise may serve as a remedy to hair loss. Coherently, walking ensues an equal balance in hormones, improves general blood circulation and oxygen to the very tips of our hair.


#5 – Mental health

One of the largest wonders of walking is that it does not only benefit physical health but mental health too. It’s been studied that walking reduces the risk of getting dementia early. As per mentioned, walking assists blood circulation throughout the entire body, even to the head, thus stimulates and protects brain tissue. This exercise safeguards loss of brain tissue as well as strengthen your memory power. For mental illnesses like depression, walking is found to be an effective way to let natural pain-killing endorphins stimulate, providing you to sufficient energy and positivity to go on for the time being. A good stroll can give you some time off from a crisis.

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