Immunity Boosting Spice Mix

The 7 spices in the Immunity Spice Mix are nutritional powerhouses that taste great and support your immune system. They help reduce inflammation, assist in weight loss and soothe anxiety.

  1. Turmeric is a detoxifying agent. It naturally cleanses the liver and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Since this spice is anti-inflammatory it reduces your risk of cancer and helps with weight management. Turmeric also treats Alzheimer’s, depression and arthritis. Turmeric is best absorbed when paired with a healthy fat.
  2. Black pepper is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps maintain a healthy colon. When combined with turmeric it increases the bioavailability of the active ingredient curcumin 3-fold.   Black pepper heats the body to help deepen the affect of the rest of the spices.
  3. Cumin improves energy and helps balance blood sugar. Cumin improves digestion by stimulating the pancreas to produce more pancreatic enzymes. It supports the proliferation of good microbes as well as detoxification of the intestinal tract.
  4. Coriander is an antibacterial and detox spice that helps the liver chelate metals. It is high in Vitamin C to support the adrenals. Its properties are enhanced when combined with fennel.
  5. Fennel is one of the best spices available to relieve constipation. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices to improve the absorption of nutrients from food. It is one of Ayurveda’s favorite lymph movers.
  6. Ginger helps kill bad bacteria and viruses making it great for preventing and healing colds. It is a natural anti-inflammatory spice that soothes and relaxes your intestinal tract.
  7. Cinnamon has been shown to stabilize blood sugar. It is used to balance digestion and inhibit bacterial growth.

Ways to use the Immunity Boosting Spice Mix

  • Sauté the spices in ghee and drizzle on steamed vegetables, rice or other grains.
  • Sauté the spices in coconut oil and add vegetables for a delicious sauté.
  • Sprinkle or rub on chicken.
  • Add to soups and stews.

Aside from taking real food to boost your immune system, taking supplements support further to achieve the results you want! Just consuming 2 capsules per day and you are good! Definitely a time-saver. These supplements has functions such as Anti-Inflammatory, even serves as a natural Antibiotics. You no longer need to worry on incomplete ingredients as one capsule includes all ingredients needed.

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