Acai Benefits

5 Wonders of Acai

You’ve seen acai bowl shops pop up here and there and everywhere, as well as acai being added to many different types of food such as salads, wraps and even sushi. However, after seeing them being a more prominent food and eating it more often as well, do you know what the positives of the acai berry is? Well scroll on dear reader as we discover the joys of acai:

Assists in Weight Loss

Here’s one benefit that a lot of people searching for a diet regiment rely on acai for. Make no mistake, acai should never be used as your sole go-to meal as moderation is important, but it has been linked to weight loss by many health experts. Seeing as acai is so delicious, it is the perfect snack to curb cravings. Therefore, instead of grabbing some fast food or oily and fatty snacks, grab something that includes acai instead and you are well on your way to your #FitnessGoals.

Quality of Your Skin

When consuming acai, you can be assured that they are packed with antioxidants which are very beneficial to your overall skin care, delaying cell damage such that your skin remains soft and supple. Acai’s oil which can be extracted can also be used on skin for cleansing and moisturizing purposes if you would rather use naturally derived ingredients for your skincare as opposed to chemical ones.


Good news for diabetics: Acai has been proven to have very low glucose content, hence if you are looking for something which does not contain a lot of natural sugar, acai is the way to go. Being low on the glycemic index as well as having low lipid levels, it is a great option to consume something which is tasty yet has low glucose levels.

Anti-Aging Effects

Once again drawing from the fact that it has a lot of antioxidants, this bodes well for anti-aging properties. Being rich in several phytochemical forms, this links the humble acai berry to slowing down signs of aging, even being proven to reverse aging in some cases.


Obviously the best part about a food as healthy as the acai is that not only is it very beneficial, it also can be very delicious and goes well with a variety of food, even being the star ingredient in delicacies such as acai bowls, mixed granola and acai protein bars.


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