Top 4 Best Relaxing Exercises For Better Sleep

Have you ever experienced getting into bed after a long day but can’t fall asleep? You are lethargic but your body senses discomfort, preventing you from falling into deep slumber. Here are few relaxing fitness routines and doable yoga poses to help you sleep quickly and improve sleep quality!


You can still tone your abdominal muscles when you’re sleepy! The wind relieving workout smoothens our digestive tracts and stretches our bodily muscles accordingly. Like the name, this exercise helps to release accumulated trapped gases. This puts your body at ease and muscles relaxed for a comfortable deep sleep.

  1. Lie on your back and relax, bend your knees towards your chest.
  2. When inhaling, wrap your knees lightly
  3. When exhaling, press your knees against your stomach
  4. Repeat this for 8-10 breaths


Want to sleep like a baby? This child’s pose taught in yoga stretches the muscles of the bottom half of your body (hips, thighs and ankles). A position as simple as this has proven to help reduce levels of stress and overwhelming fatigue.

  1. Sit on your heels
  2. Bend forward completely until your forehead touches the ground/your bed
  3. Extend your arms ahead of you
  4. Stay in that position and breathe for a full minute


Supine spinal twist is an easy exercise that correctly stretches your back muscles and glutes. The one-minute exercise is able to stretch and realign the spine – a good relief after a long day of sitting in the office!

  1. Lie down comfortably and bend your knees
  2. Stretch your arms sideways, forming a T shape
  3. Stretch your bent knees to your right side while your head faces the left
  4. Breathe for a few seconds
  5. Repeat this on the opposite direction


Amongst the most effective exercises to help you sleep is, undoubtedly, breathing. Proper breathing requires proper body posture. Breathing exercises contract and relax our respiratory muscles while ensuring that oxygen is being distributed to every part of our body.

To do this is simple; mute the world around you and clear your mind. Concentrate on your breaths as well as the movements of your internal organs as you do this exercise. Inhale for 3 seconds, hold your breath in for 2 seconds then exhale for 4 seconds. Ensure that the exhaling period is longer than the inhaling. Repeat this cycle thrice.

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