Simple Office Exercises for Fitness and Health

Do you sit all day in the office? It is time to get that body moving. Try and squeeze in 20 minutes of these simple exercises in between work.

Simple Exercises You Can Do in the Office

It is never a good idea to be stationary for too long. Always move however small, while doing your work at your desk. It will help keep you alert and sharp at all times. Here are some exercises you can do in the office.

Stress-Relieving Stretches to Loosen Up those Tensed Muscles

Always start with a good stretch. You do not want to pull a muscle when your body is already so tense.

  1. Lift your shoulders up as high as you can then relax and drop them completely
  2. Rotate your neck
  3. Reach up for the ceiling as high as you can then relax

Arm Exercises to Keep Them Toned

We are always complaining about loose fats on our underarms. Don’t fret! These simple exercises can help tone up those arms you’ll never have to worry about ever again.

  1. Table push-ups
  2. Chair dips
  3. Overhead claps

Leg Exercises to Keep You Light on Your Toes

Moving helps us stay alert. In addition, it helps regulates blood flow to our whole body so you’ll feel more fresh.

  1. Take the stairs after lunch
  2. Squats
  3. Leg raises under the desk
  4. Stand with your back against the wall, bend your knees and slide your back until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  5. Stand while doing your work for a few minutes (especially after lunch)

Core Exercises for a Strong Abdomen

A strong core is important for your body’s fitness. Make sure you tighten those abs and do these really simple but effective exercises.

  1. Sit your swivel chair, grab onto the sides, engage your core and swish from side to side.
  2. Same thing, but this time place your hands on the edge of your desk, engage your core and push yourself in and out of you desk.

Health Initiatives in the Office

Have health initiatives every week for e.g. #FruitFridays or #TofuThursdays or #WorkoutWednesdays. Not to mention, it will boost the whole office’ morale if everyone is practicing healthy eating and lifestyles together. You can even keep each other in check.

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