The Power Combinations of Bioperine & Turmeric

What is Bioperine?

Bioperine is a proprietary form of piperine, which is a component in black pepper that dramatically improves the bio-availability of turmeric. This component is added in your daily Millenia Herbs Platinum Turmeric, which means that the addition of cutting-edge bioperine improves this substance’s ability to reduce oxidative stress throughout your body.

  • Makes it easier for your body to absorb turmeric and some of vitamins.
  • Improves digestion by stimulating your gastrointestinal tract
  • May act as an indirect antioxidant by boosting direct antioxidant functions
  • Reduces the symptoms of diabetes
  • Improves heart conditions
  • Optimizes cognitive health
  • Avert aging symptoms, anti inflammatory

Here are a few of the most noted benefits of the piperine in bioperine :

Curcumin Absorption Benefits

Research into recent efforts to improve curcumin absorption found that piperine can increase curcumin tissue concentration by up to 154% for 1-2 hours. A recent review of the scientific evidence surrounding the medical benefits of curcumin found that this substance has well-demonstrated antioxidant properties that far outstrip the average.

Curcumin appears to be effective for arthritis and metabolic syndrome, and this natural substance also appears to improve the vitality of the body. All in all, turmeric is a highly-recommended constituent of your diet, but it’s essentially useless without piperine. Supplements that include both curcumin and piperine, such as Millenia Herbs Platinum Turmeric, deliver this amazing antioxidant substance in the exact way that it was intended to be delivered.

General Bio-availability Benefits

According to the makers of Bioperine, piperine has been used to improve the bio-availability of various nutrients and other substances for decades. While this pepper constituent is most famous for its effects on curcumin absorption, it also helps a variety of other nutrients absorb properly through your digestive lining.


Piperine may have some antidepressant activity as well, though this has not yet been firmly established. A trial of piperine on rats found that the animals provided evidence that the supplement had antidepressant and cognitive-enhancing effects. These findings were published in “Food and Chemical Toxicology” in 2008. Another study published in “Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior” in 2009 found that piperine increased the neurotransmission of serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals that are often deficient in depressed individuals. Clinical trials testing the supplement are needed to verify whether these benefits transfer to people.

Diabetes Benefits

The anti-diabetes benefits of piperine appear to mostly have to do with this compound’s ability to improve the bioavailability of other substances. For instance, piperine appears to reduce the symptoms of diabetes in mice by increasing the bioavailability of metformin, and we’ve already covered how piperine’s curcumin-boosting effects drastically improve this natural substance’s antioxidant profile.

Interestingly, however, piperine also appears to reduce the symptoms of diabetes on its own as long as it is administered in low doses. A 2012 study found that “subacute administration of piperine has statistically significant antihyperglycemic activity,” which means that a small daily dose of piperine may help to reduce blood sugar.

Nothing is too good for our Millenia Herbs Platinum Turmeric, which is why we pulled out all the stops with our new multivitamin formulation. As the supplement industry continues to evolve, so will we— come along with us for the ride!

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