7-Step Facial Massage for Younger Looking Skin You Can Do At Home

You exercise for the good of your body. But did you know exercising your face also have amazing benefits? Try these face massages now!

Step 1: Scoop facial moisturizer (or night cream) into the palm of your hand.


Step 2: Rub the moisturizer in the palms of your hand for about 15 seconds to warm it up.

It is believed that the warmer the hand, the easier the product will absorb in the skin.


Step 3: Pat your skin to cover the entire face with the moisturizer.

Place one hand on your forehead and the other hand on your chin and press for two seconds. Then place both hands on either cheek and press for another two seconds. Repeat this twice—the goal is to transfer the product from your palms onto your skin. And make sure you press firmly; the firm pat and pressure will help the skin better absorb the product.



Step 4: Massage the midsection of your face with your fists.

Doing this twice helps boost circulation. Start just underneath your cheekbones, using the knuckles of your two pointer fingers. Move up toward the temples with an outward-to-inward motion.


Step 5: Make your way down the entire outline of the face.


It promotes lymphatic drainage to help flush toxins and release fluid buildup, which can bloat the face. Using the knuckles of your pointer fingers again, smooth up alongside the nose to the top of your forehead, then move out and down the sides of your face—including the jaw.


Step 6: Use the pads of your forefingers to gently massage the area beneath your eyes to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Start at the bridge of your nose and move outward. Be sure to lightly press on your temples to relieve pressure.


Step 7: End by kneading your neck with your fists.


People usually neglect to take extra care of the skin on the neck. Plus it helps relieve any tension you may be holding in that area. Move from the base of your neck up toward the chin with a pushing up motion.

Remember that every massage step should be performed slowly and with light pressure. Tugging and rubbing with too much friction could result in the opposite effect of what this massage regimen is meant to achieve! With the combination of good skincare regiment to take care of the skin from outside and good collagen supplements to take of of the skin from the inside, your skin will feel younger and tighter with this face massage. Happy massaging!


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