Collagen Supplements and Drink

Importance of Collagen Supplements and Collagen Drink

We all know how important collagen is for our body. Collagen is very much the ‘super glue’ that holds the body together. However our collagen level decreases over time due to factors such as aging and even environmental pollution.

Best Collagen Supplement and Collagen Food for You

As such, here at Byherbs we provide you with premium collagen supplements that can aid in replenishing collagen back into your body. We have 3 products in the Collagen Series; Collagen Gold, Collagen Gold Vitamin C and Collawhite Plus. Use our guide below to see which one best suit your needs.

Byherbs Best Collagen Supplement and Collagen Food

Skin Care Beyond Collagen Cream

Common problem areas the average Singaporean has is dry skin, acne, pigmentation and joint pain. Our Collagen Gold Vitamin C is specially formulated with the perfect balance between collagen and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants to protect cells against free radicals and the threat of unstable molecules that may harm the collagen in the body.

The skin is the largest organ and covers the whole body. Thus, the health of our skin is very crucial. Abnormalities of the skin can be easily visible to the naked eye. Hence proper care of the skin is very important to maintains one’s health and appearance.

Byherbs Collagen Gold Vitamin C is an excellent supplement to increase collagen and vitamin C in the body, This supplement provides more benefits and produces fast results due to the balanced combination.

Collagen Drink and Collagen Powder

If you prefer your daily dose of collagen to be in a form of a drink, we have just the thing for you. Byherbs Collawhite Plus is a delicious fruity drink, formulated with a combination of Marine Collagen and Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen. The collagen powder formula is rich in Glutathione, CoQ10, Astaxanthin, L-Lysine, L-Cysteine, acai berry, maqui berry, apricot, grape seed, rosselle, pomegranate and mangosteen. It also contains ingredients from other nutritious sources that increases the health properties so that you can stay healthy while maintaining your beauty and appearance.



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