10 Tips for Healthy Eating

Singapore is a food haven rich in all sorts of delicious foods. However this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice them in order to stay healthy and in wellness. Here are 10 simple tips to help you with your lifestyle towards healthy eating:

  1. Fast regularly to develop a healthier stomach.
  2. Do not each food that is too hot or too cold.
  3. Eat less greasy (fried), fatty and high in cholesterol food.
  4. Eat less foods containing salt and sugar.
  5. Reduce sugary, caffeinated and fizzy drinks.
  6. Avoid eating foods containing flavorings, preservatives, MSG and dyes.
  7. Drink fruit juice or eat fruits such as dates, papayas or bananas in the early morning.
  8. Only one serving of rice is recommended daily if you do light work.
  9. Choose dishes that are balanced in nutrients and vitamins.
  10. Regularly eat good and drinks rich in beans or whole grains to improve alertness.

Instead of “live to eat”, be mindful of your eating habits and choose “eat to live”. Stay healthy!


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