7 Greatest Food To Feed Your Brain

We are often reminded that we are what we eat. Our daily consumption affects our bodily health, especially our internal systems. What many of us tend to overlook is how the foods we eat also affect our brain – how some foods slow down our brain activity while some foods activate it diligently.

Based on the advice from nutritionists and food scientists, here are 7 greatest foods presented by nature to feed your brain to help it maximize its efficiency!

#1. EGGS

It is a practice in many parts of China to eat an egg a day. This is because it is found to eventually reduce the risk of getting heart-related diseases like heart diseases and stroke. Fresh laid eggs from chickens are incredibly healthy as they contain an abundant amount of betaine and choline.

These nutrients are known to promote general heart health and essential for normal brain development. Due to this, many experts advise pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to ensure an adequate choline intake necessary for the baby’s growth.

#2. NUTS

If you feel like your brain is at the brink of going nuts, the best solution is to eat actual nuts. Nuts, of all varieties, have their own specialities that benefit the brain. Mostly, they contain high statistics of vitamin E which are also found in leafy vegetables.

According to research, vitamin E is effective in cognitive decline, which is helpful for the elderlies. Giving special attention to walnuts, they are found to have a pleasingly high concentration of DHA. DHA is a type of omega-3 fatty acid which is necessary for overall physical health and enhancing your brain potency.


Not all oily foods are unhealthy for you. Natural oily fishes like salmon and sardines contain essential omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. An abundant amount of these fatty acids is found in cell membranes of our brain cells, maintaining the health of the cells and assists communication between them. To further emphasise the importance of these fatty acids, if there is an insufficient amount of them, then it will result in brain ageing in the long run.

All in all, the fatty acids in oily fishes help maintain the fluency of brain function for daily use – mobile instructions and memory diligence.


Nature’s touch of rainbow, delicious and healthy fruits: berries. These widely-varied colourful berries are not only known for being the best antioxidants but recognised to enhance brain potency as well.

When animals were experimented to eat blueberries and strawberries, the rate of new neurons developed in their brains multiplied significantly. Brain signals and neurotransmission activities enhanced with the assistance of the regular consumption of berries. Since they are skilful antioxidants, they ease the blood flow to the brain thus aids speedy and accurate memorisation.



Ever wondered why our parents encourage us to have oatmeal for breakfast? Other than giving our stomachs a good fill, oatmeal provides enough glucose to engine the brain in the early morning.

Unlike highly saturated foods, oatmeal increases our blood sugar gradually and not abruptly. Subsequently, our energetic mode (both physically and mentally) lasts a few long hours enough for us to stay attentive in what we do.


Also known as alligator pear, avocado is an increasingly popular fruit in the healthy dieting awareness. It is packed with 20 different vitamins and minerals.

This medium-sized fruit holds ample natural remedies for skin treatment, internal system and brain function. Alike oatmeal, avocado maintains our sugar levels throughout the day at a stabilized rate. Furthermore, avocado has properties to prevent blood clots in the brain area hence avoiding instances of stroke and cognitive failure.

The fatty acids contained in the avocado preserve nerve cells in the brain which help to further activate the brain’s muscle strength.


“Going green” does not only restrict you to environmental-friendly practices. Go green with vegetables for your diet to save your wellbeing! There are many foods to choose from the green leafy kingdom however the most prominent one to boost your brain is broccoli.

The vitamin K carried in the broccoli aids an individual’s cognition while the choline nutrient refines memory ability. In addition, sulforaphane found in many leafy vegetables are studied to repair brain tissue.

From here we can conclude that going green with our diet saves our body and brain.

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