The Miracle of Black Seeds- The Cure of All Sickness

In our own societies, we often hear about black seeds. In Arabic they’re known as Habatussauda. In Tamil they’re known as Karunjiragam. In Mandarin they’re called Hei zhong cao.

Regardless of where we are from, black seeds have successfully become a worldwide-known effective remedy for overall human health.

How much do we know about this tiny seed with great miracles?

Not many may find black-coloured foods appetizing. However, this is a different culture in the Middle East.

Tracing back history, the Arabs discovered the miracles of the black seeds many centuries back. Since then, they have valued black seeds and included them in medications as well as remedies for various illnesses.

Black seed is scientifically known as nigella sativa. Another name for it is black cumin seeds.

Referring to its name, the seed’s outer covering is black-coloured, thick and the seed takes on a tiny shaped cumin.

They are more than often used as spices in daily meals and cuisines. Many Arabs included black seeds in their foods not only due to their delicacy but their nutritional and medicinal values as well.

Black seeds are mainly known as a natural supplement to assist our:

  1. Brain function
  2. Nerve function
  3. Immune system
  4. Lowering blood pressure

How Do Black Seeds Help Us? 


Although they are small-sized, black seeds contain enthralling properties that are diligent in boosting our bodily functions. Some of the properties include anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic and anticoagulant.

These nutritional values are not to be taken lightly as they are proven to be successful in deterring chronic diseases and cure health issues.

For instance, taking black seeds with raw honey consistently serves as a remedy for patients suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension.

As mentioned in the above, black seeds help to reduce any incidents of body inflammation or swelling.

If this aids one’s inflamed condition of the lungs and joint swellings, one can gradually cure from asthma and arthritis. They can also aid fungal infections.

Furthermore, the rich properties in black seeds have assisted in many cases of eczema too, making the skin fresher and healthier after being repaired.


In addition to outer and inner body benefits, black seeds were discovered to help one’s mental capabilities as well.

Alzheimer’s is a case that is frequently found especially amongst the ageing generation.

Over the decades, researchers and nutritionists have found that nigella sativa extracts highly enhance memory capabilities.

This is not only an advantage for students but for regular people in carrying out their daily tasks. This is proven in Arab’s history when they had extreme memory strength that is often known as a prodigy in this age. The remembering potency they had was a coherent outcome from having a proper diet, which include raw honey and black seeds.

Black Seeds; A Miracle For Women

To add on the miracles of black seeds, experts discovered that they have healing properties for feminine systems. They regulate women’s menstrual cycle.

This is an effective remedy that is needed, as many young ladies experience irregular menstrual periods. Likewise, black seeds help a pregnant woman’s digestive regulation.

It is also used as a liver tonic and anti-diarrhoea diet to increase milk production for nursing mothers to fight parasitic infections.

From this we are able to derive that black seeds benefit mothers by providing rich nutrients as well as their children.

Ways To Take Black Seeds:

  1. Eat black seeds plain
  2. Mix black seeds with honey
  3. Boil black seed with water
  4. Heat black seed and warm milk until it just begins to boil. Remove from heat. Cool, then drink
  5. Grind black seed and mix with water or milk
  6. Sprinkle black seeds on bread and pastries

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