How Drinking Honey Can Help Sweeten Up Your Life

We often hear our parents and grandparents recommending us to consume honey when we have sore throat.

It is true – this thick, golden liquid that is produced by bees is proven to dissolve phlegm and is a feasible cough suppressant. However, do you believe that honey is more than just a cough remedy? Many nutritionists and doctors believe that honey is capable of curing almost all sicknesses.


Raw honey assists regular digestive flow. Especially when taken before meals, honey cleanses the stomach and decreases its level of viscosity.

With this, it also helps us to accept medications that are unpalatable.

It assists our body’s natural detoxing process by getting rid of feces and wastes smoothly. This helps the body to feel fresher and energized.

Similarly, it helps to clean other digestive organs too such as the liver, kidneys and urethra for maximum efficiency.

When facing issues revolving the digestive system, for example indigestion and constipation, raw honey is a natural cure that should be taken. As per mentioned, it helps nourish digestive organs to help with their regulations thus aiding the digestion process.

People suffering from inflammation, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis can be aided with raw honey.

Issues like having a bloated stomach can also be relieved by drinking honey and water. And as you know, it soothes severe coughs by dissolving phlegm.

But are diabetic patients not allowed to consume this nature’s given remedy – honey?

Ron Fessenden MD indicated that diabetic patients can consume raw honey as it will produce a significantly lower blood sugar response than one after consuming glucose-rich starches.

This is because raw honey contains a healthy balanced amount of sugar necessary for the body, different from the ones contained in typical commercial honey or other artificial sweeteners.


Honey has been proven to effectively boost our immune system as it comprises antiseptic that prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

From this we learn that raw honey is good for fighting infections and healing bodily tissues when we experience physical injuries as it stops bleeding and heals scabs.

Furthermore, it contains antioxidants. These help the veins and organs to rid of impurities and other radical substances that have entered the body.

With this cleansing aid, oxygenated blood will be easier to flow to the heart and throughout the body, lowering the chances of getting heart diseases or experiencing heart failures as well as removing exhaustion and weakness of our overall physique.


A sweet food for a sweet creation. Raw honey has abilities to give assistance to the women’s physical system. Consuming it properly will help improve ovary functioning.

If pregnant women eat or drink raw honey, their throats’ cravings will be satisfied.

Most importantly, raw honey helps the overall well-being of the body inside out, thus prevents the hardships of post-maternal bleeding.

Honey from honey bees can repair free radical cells in the body.


Not many know this talent of honey, but it is incredibly effective for skin health. It keeps the skin moisturised from dehydration and dryness.

It is also known to be one of the best natural facial cleansers because its antibacterial properties keep the skin healthy as they open pores for bacteria to unclog easily. With this, the skin maintains its cleanliness and radiates natural glow.

Raw honey also contains antioxidants that are remarkable for acne treatment and can slow down the skin’s ageing process.

In addition, studies showed that regular consumption of raw honey and black seed oil cures back and joint pain, making the body easier to carry out activities. It keeps your body in the best condition to live through the day.

Honey can be taken by people of different ages with all sorts of methods. Of which include:

  1. Applying honey directly on skin – face, nails, legs etc.
  2. Drinking honey by itself.
  3. Mixing honey with cold water.


Note: it is a common mistake to mix honey with hot water. Many commit this mistake as they believe that the heated water will keep the honey potency secured. In contrary, the heat will destruct the healing enzymes and reduces the honey’s original relieving effect.

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