Bitter Melon- The Best All-Natural Diabetes Prevention

Study shows that in every group of ten Singaporeans aged 60 and above, three suffer from diabetes mellitus. As a response and deterrence to this concerning issue, a large number of people began to turn to food recipes that are diabetic-friendly in hopes to strengthen their internal body systems with the healthy consumption. Coherently, many have become more aware of the fruit bitter melon (peria katak) as its anti-diabetic benefits grow widely known.

What is Bitter Melon?

Bitter melon, also commonly known as ‘karela’ in India, is classified as both a fruit and a vegetable. This plantation is frequently found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world such as South America, Asia, Caribbean and parts of Africa. Since decades ago, research in Asia regarding the bitter melon found the chemical constituent, charantin, contained in the fruit helps deteriorate the amount of glucose in the body. Mixtures like insulin in the fruit includes vicine and polypeptide-P.

Amazing Benefits of Bitter Melon.

Admittedly, bitter melon is notable for its ample health benefits. Although the level of calorie in the fruit is exceptionally low, it is rich with invaluable nutrients. The nutrients include vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, magnesium, folate, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, and is high in fibre. Moreover, being rich in iron, bitter melon too has twice the beta carotene of broccoli, twice the calcium of spinach, twice the potassium of bananas. It is believed to carry chemical constituents that serve as efficient helpers in blood-sugar lowering.

Bitter Melon Role in Diabetic Prevention & Other Health Concerns.

Bitter melon plays an important role in stabilizing the human digestive system. One of its core functions is being able to reduce the rate of glucose in the body as well as easing the digestion of carbohydrates. To add, the fruit is considered as an anti-oxidant that increases insulin secretion. From this we can conclude that bitter melon is effective in avoiding chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. As per said, many have added bitter melon into their drinks thus the mixture presents to them a healthful nourishing juice. If you are a patient of diabetes, you are highly recommended to consume this juice each morning while the stomach is empty so as to produce the desired results. If you are facing obesity issues, the containment of the fruit will also increase lipid metabolism as well as remove bile acids from within the heart.

Bitter Melon Juice Recipe.


1 bitter melon

1 lemon

5g bamboo salt

A little turmeric


  1. Prepare the ingredients needed
  2. Wash the bitter melon and peel its first layer of skin
  3. Cut the winter melon into fine slices and place them into the blender. Mix in with a moderate amount of water, along with the turmeric and bamboo salt. Blend it until it becomes a juice
  4. Filter and pour the juice into a glass
  5. Squeeze the lemon’s juice into your drink to add a touch of sourness

Be sure to make this juice a part of your daily routine.


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