Understanding Testosterone and What it Really Does for your Body

Testosterone are often associated with men and always used as a taboo when relating it to women. It is a hormone present in both male and female but more in males. Testosterone for women, plays a part in giving them energy, strength and sexual drive. In men, it plays a more important role in sexual development in early pubescent days and helps to maintain men’s health until they grow old, for example:

  • Bone and muscle mass
  • Fat storage
  • Red blood cells production
  • Sexual health
  • Physical health

Low Testosterone in Maturing Men

As you grow older, naturally your body wears off some natural occurring substances like testosterone. Most of the time, testosterone levels in men begin to drop after the age of 30. The problem comes in when the drop level is drastic or when it stops being produced completely. It will lead to symptoms of low testosterone that could affect one’s health.

Drastically decreasing testosterone levels can lead to:

  • Erection problems
  • Increased body fat
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Loss of body hair
  • Swelling and tenderness of the breasts
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety

These are all due to different factors such as hereditary, stress, alcohol, medication side effects, and many more. It is important to consult your doctor to know the underlying cause to tackle it.

There are many clinical solutions out there such as injections, implants and gels that add testosterone to your body. There are also herbal remedies that stimulates testosterone production in your body naturally without external help. While there are many promising solutions out there, it is also good to talk to your doctor about it, as it may come with side effects.

Herbal Supplement: Malaysian Ginseng (Tongkat Ali)

Malaysian ginseng is also known as Tongkat Ali or E. longifolia. It’s a native Southeast Asian plant often used as herbal medicine to relief symptoms that are usually related to men’s health.

As herbal medicine, Tongkat Ali can:

  • increase libido
  • enhance stamina
  • boost weight loss
  • stimulate the production of androgen hormones, such as testosterone
  • ease depression and anxiety
  • eliminate fatigue

There is limited research on Tongkat Ali, and the hype they receive are usually from reviews and word of mouth. However, ancient people have used Tongkat Ali for a long time for its many benefits and its awareness has passed down to the people today. You may try Tongkat Ali with the advice of your doctor. Byherbs’ Black Jack has passed Singapore’s Health and Sciences Authority’s examination and our supplements are safe for public consumption.