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“Previously, I have pigmentation and black spots on my skin. After consuming Collagen Gold Vitamin C, my skin clearer, smooth and moist”.
– Samanta (60 years old)
“I can feel the positive effects of Collagen Gold after consuming it consistently for 1 month. I have now been taking Collagen Gold for over 2 years, and there has been many changes; no more knee pain and my friends have told me i look more youthful these days.”
– Hindun (55 years old)
“I used to take collagen only but now I am taking Byherbs Collagen Gold and Omega-3 for my joints. From what I understand, Omega-3 reduces inflammations, including joint inflammation. This combo has worked for me. Omega 3 also helps a bit with my blood pressure ever since i started taking it. I feel physically and mentally lighter.”
– Kalsom (55 years old)
“Before taking Byherbs Black Jack, my energy level was always low. Now I have a lot more energy and Black Jack also helps in my general wellness. Thank you Byherbs.”
– David Au (45 years old)
“ I used to have neckache every time when I wake up. However, after consuming Joint Flex Pro for two weeks, the neck pain is gone.”
– Nazrul (43 years old)
“Since I have been taking Advanced Eye Care, my eyesight has improved to some degree but it hasn’t got any worse. I can still see to drive and passed my driving test. I am 68 years old but am still in pretty good health.”
– Sharifa (68 years old)
“I have got excellent purchasing experience here. Fast & reliable. All their premium dates are healthy and wonderfully packed.”
– Fathima (68 years old)– Fathima (68 years old)
“I’ve been buying Al-Marwaan Safawi dates for some years now. The quality has been consistent, always fresh, delicious, plump and are of extraordinary quality. “
– Aysha (28 years old)
“I’ve been buying Al-Marwaan Sidr honey for 2 months now. It is a premium quality that me and my family enjoy so much not only during Ramadhan but every day.”
– Halimah (37 years old)
“I love buying Al-Marwaan black seed honey for.Two of the most healthiest food combined in one. It does not get any better than that!”
– Saadiah (53 years old)

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