Glutathione Supplements for Stubborn Dark Spots?

Contrary to popular belief that it is faster to treat dark spots externally, skin whitening is actually better when done internally, or both, to boost the effects of the supplement for skin or the whitening product. Knowing why dark spots occur is also one step to target the problem areas.

Dark spots usually occur when there is damage on the top most layer of the skin. Usually from acne, wounds, cosmetic products, or the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is the main reason why skin care products that are natural or have SPF protection are always recommended.

But what happens in the deepest skin layers of our body is what really causes the skin to turn black— our body releases tyrosinase which boosts the metabolism of melanin (the pigment responsible for our hair and skin color) to protect our skin cells. Although, apart from melanin playing a part in skin color, genetics also has a role in determining our skin color as some have more melanin or larger sized melanin or eumelanin.

In line with this natural process, glutathione supplements are created mainly because as we age, glutathione levels in our body depletes and causes bad oxidation and our cells to die prematurely which results in dull skin and dark spots.

Glutathione supplements such as CollaWhite Plus lightens dark skin, freckles, pigmentations, and age spots mainly by reversing melanin’s metabolism.

Continuous intervention of the skin’s production of melanin makes the skin whiter and dark spots lighter. Glutathione supplements effects in skin whitening are both internal and external which makes the overall look natural and close to a perfect skin. A glutathione supplement thus can help remove dark spots and have a flawless white complexion when consumed regularly and when a good beauty skin care regimen is observed resolutely.