5 Incredible Health Benefits of Detoxing Your Body

The concepts of internal cleansing and detoxifying the body have been getting quite the hype, and there is renewed interest for many reasons. Chief among these reasons is the growing awareness that toxic chemicals impair the way that we think and feel as well as pose serious health concerns. Here are the top 5 benefits to an internal cleanse:

#1- Higher Energy Levels

When the body is overrun with toxins it leads to decreased cellular energy. That means lower overall energy levels. Body cells produce energy for our body in the mitochondria and this may be disrupted by any foreign substances or situations that are introduced.

What makes it even worse is as energy production within a cell falls it leads to that cell becoming even more vulnerable to suffering from impaired detoxification as well as cellular damage.

So, by going on a successful program that provides the right nutritional support, you can get rid of toxins, boost cellular energy production, and help cells function more efficiently. The net result of these changes is that you feel more alive with higher energy levels.

#2- Greater Clarity of Thought


There is such a strong link between cellular energy levels and mental clarity, with the energy boost of a cleanse comes greater mental clarity and focus. It is very hard to maintain focus and attention if the brain is foggy because of an increased toxin load.

The brain is very sensitive to all sorts of different toxins because most of the really bad ones are fat-soluble toxins. An effective cleansing program can go a long way in restoring clear thinking.

#3- Give Your Liver a Break

The liver functions tirelessly in detoxifying harmful chemicals and facilitating their elimination from the body. It deserves a break.

By providing the liver with the support it needs while at the same time reducing the toxic load, it greatly reduces the stress that this vital organ feels.

With improved liver function comes a multitude of health benefits. After all, the liver is the main organ of metabolism and in addition to being the primary organ responsible for detoxifying harmful substances it is the major manufacturer of many compounds required for the body to function properly.

By boosting liver function there is a definite boost to metabolism.

  #4- Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is very susceptible to the harmful effects of toxic substances. Impaired immunity by getting frequent colds or infections is often one of the key warning signs that it is time for a cleanse.

White blood cells move better, communicate better, and to their job of engulfing and destroying particulate matter as well as microorganisms better when the lymph and blood is not cluttered up with toxins.

#5- Vibrant Skin

Skin health often reflects the degree of toxicity as well. The skin is the body’s largest organ and one of its primary functions is elimination of toxins.

If there is an excess of toxins the skin must deal with it will result in the skin showing signs that it has lost some of its vitality. It may look dull or pale with enlarged pores, breakouts, and dark circles.


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