10 Health Check-Ups Men Should Be Going For

Many a times, we put off going for hospital screenings until we fall ill. But prevention is better than cure, so look through this list to see which check-ups you haven’t gone for.


#1- Prostate health check

What it can reveal:Prostate cancer risk.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. If you have a family history of cancer, you should go for the check before hitting 50. Doctors will check for the enlargement of the prostate, that can indicate cancer.

#2- Colon health check

What it can reveal:Abnormal growths in the colon or rectum.

Colonoscopy and screening tests can detect these growths and doctors can remove them before they turn cancerous. These screening tests can also detect early signs of colorectal cancer.

#3- Blood test

What it can reveal:Blood cell count, blood glucose, cholesterol levels and certain types of cancer.

Doctors are also able to evaluate how healthy your organs, namely the kidneys, liver and heart, are.

#4- Blood pressure screening

What it can reveal:Hypertension.

Optimally, this screening should be done once every two years or more depending on your health. High blood pressure puts extra strain on the heart and blood vessels, which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

#5- Skin cancer check

What it can reveal:Skin cancer risk.

Melanoma is the third most common cancer in men. Men are two to three times more likely to develop skin cancer than women, and the risk increases if they are more exposed to the sun. The test is relatively easy: check body for abnormal moles or spots and report anything unusual to a GP asap.

#6- Immunisation

Vaccines are as important to overall health as diet and exercise. Tetanus, flu, HPV vaccine, MMR vaccine shots are some of the important ones to have.

#7- Infectious disease screening

What it can reveal:Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus (CMV), hepatitis B, HIV and other infections

This one is important not only for yourself but also your significant other as these diseases can be contagious to your partner.

#8- Eye check-ups

What it can reveal:Eye diseases and other problems.

As you other grow older, your eyes may not work as well before. An eye exam takes about 20 minutes and helps to identify any vision problems, eye teaming and focusing difficulties, and common eye diseases.

#9- Heart health check

What it can reveal:Heart complications.

This includes blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG), chest x-ray and a CT scan. This specific group of tests will access your heart health and pinpoint cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease. A healthy lifestyle modification can prevent or delay heart complications if detected early.

#10- Lifestyle re-assessement

This is a health check that you can do even at home. Do you have a poor diet, not exercise, smoke or drink excessively? By making adjustments to improve your lifestyle, you can help to prevent the majority of illnesses such as hypertension, lung cancer and liver diseases.