Body After Baby

Body After Baby:

How your body changes after pregnancy

When you finally notice your baby bump starting to grow, you will realize other changes in your body too due to pregnancy. It is good to know some symptoms beforehand so that you are aware of your body to take care of it. We will also recommend some remedies to overcome them!

1. Hair loss

Women normally lose an average of 100 hairs per day, but this certainly changes during pregnancy. It is normal if you start losing more hair than usual. This happens due to increased oestrogen levels during pregnancy; however, it will slowly return to its normal rate after giving birth. Does not mean it is safe to neglect your hair health. Try natural oils, like black seed oil or argan oil, that suits your scalp to strengthen your hair follicles.

2. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the major changes that happen to your body during pregnancy. As your belly expands to make room for your baby, stretch marks will immediately appear. Unfortunately, they won’t go away so soon. Fret not when there are solutions to significantly reduce their appearance. Natural oils are more potent than you would expect. They are rich in antioxidants that promote optimum skin healing.

3. Drop in sex drive

Are you getting the post-natal blues? Feeling asexual is often part of it. It takes a bit more time for your body to adjust hormone production. Feeling more tired than usual can also be a factor. Eat foods that are more nutritious to provide you with enough energy, also for your body to receive appropriate nutrients to repair itself. You can pair your diet with supplements like multivitamins or herbal complex formulated for women’s health.

4. Bloated Pelvis

A common misconception is that, your belly will be flat right after you give birth. Many women will be surprised that this is not true. It takes about a few months for your cervix and womb to fully regain its shape. It is popular in south east Asia for women to follow a strict confinement programme to keep them in shape. One of the practices is to be in a post-natal corset with a special blend of herbs underneath that helps your skin regain elasticity.

There is a solution to many of these postpartum symptoms. Seek support from other mothers and exchange these tips with each other. You never know you might learn more about overcoming these changes.

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