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Millenia Herbs Joint Flex Pro


3 Key Benefits

  • Assist in the production of joint cartilage components
  • Reduce joint pain & stiffness
  • Repair damaged cartilage


  • 60 capsules
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Product Description

Joint Flex Pro is an all-natural advanced joint support formula, with a holistic combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM, it promotes healthy & flexible joints. Also added with curcumin, it prevents joint inflammation, reduces joint pain & stiffness. It helps to provide relief for joint ache, joint stiffness & crackling joints.

Joint Flex pro is meant to

  • Assist in the production of joint cartilage components
  • Reduce joint pain & stiffness
  • Repair damaged cartilage
  • Reduce joint inflammation
  • Promote nourishment of cartilage, thus encouraging joint elasticity
  • Enhance joint flexibility & mobility
  • Support healthy joints & mobility
  • Helps reduce joint pain & stiffness
  • Formulated in USA




Ingredients: Turmeric Root, Glucosamine Sulphate, Turmeric 95% curcuminoids, Ginger Extract, Chondroitin Sulphate, Boswellia Extracts, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Biogenies, Quercetin, Methionine, Bromelain

Turmeric Root – Turmeric will increase the anti-oxidant capacities in the body. The main reason antioxidant are so beneficial is that they protect your body from free radicals. Turmeric is a potent anti-oxidant that neutralize free radicals.

Glucosamine – helps to develop & renew cartilages provide essential help to stronger joints,

Turmeric 95% curcuminoids – Promotes circulation & immune activity around your joints and muscles*

Ginger Extract – Relieves tired, aching legs & feet.

Chondroitin Sulphate – Keeps cartilage hydrated which helps the body to maintain flexible joints.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) – helps to provide collagen & keratin, healthy collagen production for healthy cartilage & connective tissues. Reduce muscle soreness.

Quercetin – Quercetin may improve inflammation, blood pressure, exercise performance

Methionine – Anti aging, helps to produce collagen

Bromelain – Bromelain is anti-inflammatory which makes it an effective for treatment of pain, tissue swelling Joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.



  • Preferably taken after meals
  • 2 capsules once a day


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Millenia Herbs Joint Flex Pro