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3 Key Benefits

  • Stimulates active brain cells
  • Sharpens brain functions
  • Controls hyperactivity


  • 120 tablets x 200mg

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Thinx-2 is a brain booster that stimulates healthy brain cells and encourages communication between them. It can assist students in Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education levels and is suitable for working adults and those who require a lot of thinking in their daily work.

Thinx-2 is formulated with double refined cane sugar that supplies glucose (an energy source) and a combination of biochemical salt active ingredients such as Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Phosphate, Natrium Muriaticum, Magnesium Phosphate, and Ferrum Phosphate which generates electrical signals that connect brain cells. They are also known as tissue salts in Homeopathy.

Double Purified Cane Sugar

Double-purified cane sugar will retain only the simplest sugar molecules which are glucose & fructose. It is therefore easily absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue when chewed or sucked. It also acts as a biochemical for tissue salts.

Biochemical Tissue Salt

tissue salt is a kind of nutrition that helps to maintain health and optimize body functions. It can also assist to maintain balance and relieve symptoms. Salt tissue can be taken to prevent and treat diseases as well as improve body functions.

Source of Tissue Salt

Tissue salts exist naturally in all organic ingredients such as plants, herbs, fruits, sea salt, and hill salt.

Working Benefits

  • Enhances focus
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Optimises learning
  • Stimulates active thinking
  • Sharpens memory


  • Adults: 5 tablets per day, Children: 3 tablets per day
  • Chew and suck under your tongue on an empty stomach.
  • Under the tongue, there is a network of fine blood cells (capillaries) that will absorb the fine nutrient molecules. As fructose, glucose and the biochemical salt minerals are fine in nature, they do not need to be digested and therefore can be directly absorbed for optimal utilization.
  • It is encouraged to take 15-30 minutes before eating.


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