Kid’s Health Pack


Kid’s Health Pack includes:
1 X Nature’s Cough Syrup

1 X Immuno Kidz Syrup

1 X Thinx 2 (Free)


3 Key Benefits

  • Strenthen immune system
  • Promotes mental well-being
  • Beneficial for child development

Product Description

Kid's Health Pack is an overall head to toe wellness for the children.

Nature's Cough Syrup

Open label single arm clinical trial conducted by a panel of Western & Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka have shown clear and highly Significant benefits of Healing Herbs Cough Syrup in reducing symptoms of respiratory tract actions with oral intake.

  • Adults: 1 teaspoonful (5m) 3 times daily
  • Children(2-12years) : 1/2 teaspoonful (2.5ml) 3 times daily

Immuno Kidz Syrup

Immuno Kidz Syrup naturally supports the child’s immune system and provides protection Daily Immune Support.

  • Children 2 – 6 years old: 1.25ml to 2.5ml twice daily
  • Children 7 – 12 years old: 5ml twice daily

Thinx 2

Thinx-2 is a brain booster that stimulates healthy brain cells and encourage communication between them. It can assist students in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education levels and is suitable for working adults and those who require a lot of thinking in their daily work.

  • Adults: 5 tablets per day, Children: 3 tablets per day
  • Chew and suck under your tongue on an empty stomach.
  • Under the tongue there is a network of fine blood cells (capillaries) that will absorb the fine nutrient molecules. As fructose, glucose and the biochemical salt minerals are fine in nature, they do not need to be digested and therefore can be directly absorbed for optimal utilization.
  • It is encouraged to take 15-30 minutes before eating.