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3 KEY BENEFITS OF Hot Shapers Capri Pants

  • Raises your body temperature while you’re exercising
  • Greater calorie burn
  • 4x to 10x perspiration rate.

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 PROVIDES THERMO CALORIE BURNING: When you wear Hot Shapers capri pants, you’re not only looking good, but actively toning your body. These activewear pants work by increasing your body temperature, causing you to sweat and burn more calories as you move about your day. Water weight will drop, leaving behind a slimmer, trimmer you!

 SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE: Our products are designed to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your exercise, whether it’s running, walking, lifting weights, aerobic, or even yoga. The fabric is specially engineered to block the build up of bacteria that causes odor, and will repel moisture away from your skin. Working out has never been so easy and comfortable.

 DESIGNED WITH A WOMAN IN MIND: The Capri pants are made from 100% latex free neoprene, and include a high percentage of spandex that will conform to your curves. The material provides superior stretch and strength. The compression fabric creates a firm shape, so you don’t have to worry about wiggles and juggles as you move. The pants are ultra thin, preventing bulkiness, and giving you the ability to move and bend freely.

 WEAR ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: Every woman, girl and every mom owns at least one pair of leggings, yoga pants, or capris for either the gym or home. So why not replace your old ones with the Hot Shapers capri pants and get double the benefits: fashion and function. Our product looks great no matter where you’re going and can easily be paired with a shirt of your choice to hit the gym or run errands. They’re the ultimate choice for comfort and style – it’s truly the best of both worlds.


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